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Kodak Easyshare Z1012 MP Digital Camera with

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(such as third party ink or ink tanks), failure to follow Kodak x7569 s operation, maintenance, or repacking instructions, failure to use items supplied by Kodak (such as adapters and cables), or claims made after the duration of this warranty.

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NOTE: Framing marks do not appear in all modes. When you use AF Zone and set Center Zone, the framing marks are fixed at Center Wide. Taking a video Press the Shutter button completely down and release. To stop recording, press and release the Shutter button again. /go/support.

Kodak EasyShare C183 Software | Kodak Driver Downloads

76 software, 89 internal memory storage capacity, 55 favorites ISO speed, 76 removing, 85 settings, 85 tagging, 89 Kodak fireworks, 65 EasyShare software, 89, 55 firmware, upgrading, 55 Perfect Touch technology, 67 flash settings, 8 flower, 65 landscape, 65.

Try one or more of the following Date and time Reset the clock (see page have been reset No address book Create and copy address book from computer. See the Kodak on camera EasyShare software Help. (Connect with computer to import address.

Take the card to your local photo retailer for professional printing. Dock compatibility for your camera To see which Kodak EasyShare docks are compatible with your camera, visit /go/dockcompatibility. Purchase camera docks, printer docks, and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or visit /go/m758accessories, /go/m858accessories, /go/md858accessories. /go/support.

The flash fires once and the The flash fires once so the eyes camera automatically become accustomed to the flash, then corrects red-eye in the fires again when the picture is taken. picture. To turn the Red-eye Pre-flash feature on/off, see page Never. /go/support.

Candle light Capturing subjects in low light. Sunset Capturing the deep hues seen at sunset. Using camera Help To better understand each menu option, use camera Help. Select an option you want to learn more about, then press the button. Turn on/off Help Scroll up/down /go/support.

Close range. Use available light instead of flash if possible. Scene Point-and-shoot simplicity when taking pictures under special conditions. (See page 65.) High ISO People in low-light scenes indoors using a higher ISO. Video Capturing video with sound. (See page Favorites Reviewing favorite pictures. (See page 69.) /go/support.

Setting the language, date/time Language: to change. to accept. Date/Time: At the prompt, press OK. to change. for previous/next field. to accept. NOTE: To change the date/time and language in the future, use the Menu button (see page 79). /go/support.

9 Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. NOTE: When prompted, take few minutes to electronically register your camera and software. To register later, visit /go/register. 5 If prompted, restart the computer. If you turned off anti-virus software, turn it back on.

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