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Hazy Memories of Blue Skies - Contrail Science

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:16

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This is a batch of photos from the 6965 8767 s and earlier. While there is not much that looks like a contrail in any of the photos, there are a LOT of photos that show the kind of hazy sky that chemtrailers believe did not exist when they were In fact, nearly all the 8775 blue sky 8776 shots show some form of haze or cirrus clouds. The only time a sky approachs the 8775 deep blue 8776 of chemtrailers childhood imagination is when the camera is pointed nearly straight up, such as in the photo of the South Dakota capitol. Even there, you get the haze.

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Ten thousand rocks, ten thousand turns,
the unfixed path winds on
Tranced by a flower, till sudden dark
I lean against a stone.
With roars of bears and dragon-screams
and rumbling waterfalls
I tremble at the forests deep,
the layered mountain-walls:
Ai! these blue blue clouds
full of the coming rain!
Ai! these pale pale waters,
from which the white mist crawls!

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As evening fell, in some disquiet of spirit
I drove my wagon up on the high plain.
The sunset 8767 s loveliness was infinite,
But yellow dusk was coming all too soon.

A foreign guest, and all alone,
stranger in a strange land,
I yearn, each happy holiday,
twice for my own dear kind.
I know my distant brothers on
whatever height they 8767 ve climbed
Have set one extra cornel for
the one they left behind.

Shame on you bastards!
Who give you the right
to extinct our blue sky?
Who give you the right
to weaponize the world?
Criminals and abusers.

They 8767 re cheap or dear, there is no constant price
If you buy many, then the cost is low
8775 Look here, a hundred brightest crimson flowers:
Five bolts of white silk only, fresh to go! 8776

I 8767 m married to the merchant of Gu Tang,
But every day he puts off his return.
If I had known the tide keeps its own time,
I would have married that river-boy.

At night beside the western cliff
he sleeps in his lean-to
At dawn he drinks the bright clear Xiang,
burns the bamboos of Chu.

What is there like you, reverend Mount Tai?
To north and south spread out an endless green
Here heaven and earth join miracle with grace,
Your dawn and dusk slopes split the yang and yin.

From August 8767 s tall sky with a howl
a gale began to blow
It rolled the thatch right off my house,
three layers in a row.
The straw flew up and sprinkled on
the river bank below:
The higher part hung up on twigs
where the dense thickets grow
The lower part swirled floating down,
sank in the pool 8767 s deep flow.

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