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American Animals Review: Evan Peters Leads Stylish Heist

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They probably were staring at you :)! I can 8767 t tell you how many times my ex-husband told me about seeing women with wet hair (in the winter, even!) when he went to school in NY he was completely mystified!

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8775 Overall, I think there’s also a conundrum in being an expat in general. You get used to the place where you are, but perhaps never quite fully fit in, and then you realize that you feel slightly odd in your home country, as well 8776

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I 8767 ve always wondered, what time does school start for the kids?
If they 8767 re going to bed so late, aren 8767 t they exhausted at school the next day?

haha yes! molly actually mentioned this but since we talked about it in the croatia interview, we left it out here. such a difference between different countries — for example, in norway, they are find with kids being cold and actually think it 8767 s good because it makes them tough!

Great insights! Love love love hearing from a single mother. I 8767 m sure it 8767 s not been easy to be an ex pat let alone get divorced, Molly, but what a gift to have the homemade gelato and burata on hand to help. )

As another Italian living in Ireland for the past 66 years, I too like Carlotta enjoyed reading about Italy through your eyes. Totally agree on the bidet, i can 8767 t wait to own my own house/apartment to have one. Always funny when I explain to Irish people what is for, generally people are very amused but the joke is on whoever doesn 8767 t wash their bum!
Found funny to read about the formal wearing, especially your in-law wearing a suit at home!! not a tradition in Liguria anyways, very laid back attire in my family.
Never go out with wet hair (in the colder months), don 8767 t get cold in your stomach so true, always wear socks, don 8767 t drink water after eating ice- can hear my mum saying these things and I will pass them on to my daughter because that 8767 s the way it is, to me this is just common sense. Can I also share the fact that Italians wear red underwear on the 6st of the new year for good luck :)

Wow I relate to so much of this! I am an American who has spent a decent amount of time in Liguria and Northern Italy (yep to the amazing Pesto and polenta!) For a little bit, I was an au pair and yes, the father had to take me aside and explain that he is not like American fathers, he doesn 8767 t deal with the children all the time (after I had gone to him a few times about things pertaining to the kids). Also, since I had studied art, they were very interested and kept asking if I wanted to set up a class to teach neighborhood children in my free time. Oh the bufala was very fun reading this!

I have lived in Italy now for 67 years and all I can say as a fellow expat is yes, yes, yes !!!! Everything she said I agree with!! Only thing I would have added was how weird Italians are about certain illnesses , how you can 8767 t have wet hair, or no scarf or how a bare stomach will cause tummy ache

Hi, my name is Luisella and I live in Monza (near Milan).
It was very interesting to discover our habits, seen through the look of an American who lives in Rome for several years.
I would just like to point out that school meals have the purpose of eating children the same dishes without creating any differences between them.
In this way the child can also taste something other than what is usually used to eating in the family.
Of course, there are special menus for children who have food intolerances, documented with a medical certificate.

in France it is very rude not to 8775 finish 8776 with a name: bonjour madame, merci monsieur, oui papa oui maman It immediately reveals what your background is well brought up, OR NOT!

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