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:Garage Sale Mystery (Hallmark): Lori Loughlin

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:35

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Thank you for this article 🙂 I am packing most of my house for a yardsale in a couple weeks. I linked you in my blog post about it.

Garage Sale Mystery (2013) | | Crime | Crime - Free Films Org

BradLord Haha, was wondering how long it would take you to prompt.. I guess people were so blown away by the RX they didn't look further!

4Garage Sale Shopping Tips to Help You Score Great Deals

I've found some pictures from JTCC RX-8's. You've probably seen them all already since they're easy to find but some readers might want to see how they used to look


Dear Brad,
Thanks for such great piece. Reading about these rare finds makes the speed hunters culture the knowledgable bunch that it is. Keep creating great pieces like this.

Speedhunters is an international collective of photographers, writers & drivers with a shared passion for uncovering the world's most exciting car culture stories.

We had so many people come up and tell us that our sale was so organized. They kept saying how it was a pleasure to walk around and shop. That 8767 s what you want to hear! You want to keep people looking around! We used as many shelves and tables as we could, and grouped things by category. When we ran out of tables, we improvised and put out large boxes to display items.

At the end of the sale, I was marking down things to insane prices just to get rid of it ($6 for a box of books, $5 for a box of DVDs), mostly because I didn 8767 t want to move it again! At the end of the sale, there were a few families that came up that I was giving away baby stuff to.

I absolutely love your post! I 8767 m trying to plan my first yard sale and I have so many random items it 8767 s disturbing! I never would have even considered accepting credit cards so thank you for that suggestion. We 8767 ll see how this goes but the clarity of your post, the perfect signs, and all of your little ideas help so much. I feel less stressed already. Thank you!!

Not only did having the yard sale on the two different days help us avoid the afternoon heat and thunderstorms (on the last day, literally, I felt raindrops as I closed my car with the last charity box packed in), but it also helped us hit two different clientele. On the first day, we had more hard-core yard sale fans, and on the second day, lots of families and 8775 normal 8776 shoppers. We also loved that we were done for the day by early afternoon on each day.

How the RX-8 (and the RX-7 for that matter) came to be in New Zealand as part of the Hicks collection was completely by chance too. While purchasing some 65×68-inch Campagnolo wheels for a Maserati restoration, Gavin found out that the broker at the centre of the negotiation had bought Cosentino’s entire FAZA estate, and was in the process of selling off all the remaining stock and some of the cars in the collection. After researching the two Mazdas and their IMSA history, it was decided that the opportunity to purchase both of them was simply too good to pass up, and the deal was done.

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