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Cow is mother because she provides us milk. She cares for us even more than our mother. Mr Kakillaya, After certain age you cant even drink the milk of your mother but you can drink the milk of cow. Therefore She is Mother. It is simple common sense to respect your mother. And about her excreta, it has got an antiseptic property. And your concept your humanity is futile, your words are immature just sentiment. Your humanity kills cows and other animals. Killing innocent animals are the INSULT of humanity. Your cant digest this fact that Cow excreta is useful because your concept of humanity begin when others are heart. Atleast have this much ethics to appreciate your mother.

Thirty-Day Readmissions — Truth and Consequences | NEJM

Tornado detection has improved with the addition of NEXRAD, the growth of the trained spotter networks, storm chasers armed with cellular data and imagery and the proliferation of cell phone cameras and social media. This shows up most in the weak EF5 tornado count but for storms from moderate EF6 to strong EF 8+ intensity, the trend slope has been flat to down despite improved detection.

Muslim medicine and health care

people will do it because not only they don’t have the same kind of respect that a Christian or Muslim does for their holy books and philosophies

Homeopathy has been around for over 755 years. There have been THOUSANDS of studies done on it. Out of all this, it has not produced a SINGLE FACT that can be verified. Every single claim it has made has already been debunked and debunked conclusively.

Your comment apparently exhibits your honest opinion too. I sincerely believe you do not see the flaws in your argument, so here we go:

Scientists had been urged to 8775 listen to the parents. 8776 They did listen to the parents and then conducted research to test the parents 8767 hypotheses. There were various kinds of studies in different countries by different research groups. The results were consistent:

Mass extinctions, rising temperatures, and changing glaciers may sound like current events, but Earth scientists are learning that this type of climate change is nothing new.

See Climate Theater with a collection of the best climate skeptic films and documentaries here. See additional scientific youtubes here.

Generally speaking, in a given country C, with majority religion R, if a newspaper (typically the paper considered the paper of record) is considered anti-C or anti-R, it is a badge of honor. It means the newspaper is doing what it is supposed to be doing. The right wing in most countries is rather casual in handing out these labels to the point that they mean the exact opposite thing. The NYTimes, the standard bearer/Paper of Record of journalism in US, is called 8775 unamerican 8776 and 8775 anti-christian 8776 by US right-wing. A modern paper with 76st century views would be tagged 8775 uninslamic 8776 in an Islamic country. Anti-Hindu label is no different.

Though the official clinical trails including doubli blind studies is not conducted, the clinical data available and claims of several ayurvedic practioners are indicating the same. Similarly the gomuthra has been used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since the ages for several purposes.

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